Divorce Real Estate

Everything in divorce is fine until it's not.  Emotions can lead us to do strange things, particularly when life is swirling and changing so quickly.  It's common for people in crisis to focus their thinking on their short-term problems and how to get through them--not on their new life that will follow.  

It's also not surprising that deciding what to do with the marital home in divorce and who stays there for the time being are some of the most challenging decisions divorcing couples must face.  

Our new service, the Marital Real Estate Consult, provides an opportunity to explore all options with a neutral third party real estate professional whose primary goal is to help you make those decisions.   Through individual or group meetings, we assess the current real estate situation, establish each person's goals, strategize options, walk down the path to explore what those options would be like, create a consensus and develop a plan to reach it.


  • Avoid common pitfalls of real estate and divorce
  • Explore proactive options
  • Save time and money
  • Minimize tension
  • Focus on future goals
  • Create consensus
  • Develop a strategic plan
  • Get clarity and confidence