By Herself Real Estate

Women today are more independent than ever.  Many of us own our own businesses, are waiting later in life to get married, or are choosing to remain single after divorce or death of our spouse.  We're picking up and moving to cities that offer the lifestyle we are searching for.  

As a result, single women represent a large portion of the real estate market. And we're not just buying our own homes, we're often leasing office space or establishing passive income through real estate investing. 

But how do we ensure we are making wise decisions about our housing needs?

Should we buy a condo to reduce maintenance and minimize expenses?  Or is a home with a yard important?  How important is location?  How much should we put down?  What if we find "Mr. Right" ?  What are the pros and cons of buying a duplex and living on one side and  renting the other?  My credit was damaged in divorce, what can I do to keep from renting?  Is new better than a fixer upper?  

My mission it to help you look beyond the purchase of a home as a transaction and treat it as a life decision that will be an important part of your overall happiness and a way to build wealth for your future...whatever that may be.  It's a little bit of life coaching, a lot of strategic planning and an exciting new adventure.