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Each day, my goal of empowering clients to make wise real estate decisions for the next chapter of their lives becomes more passionate.

Our home represents our memories, our successes, our dreams.  It's an emotional anchor and a place of security.  It's a reflection of who we are and what we value.  Our home establishes roots, creates a lifestyle and builds wealth.  

Yet, life transitions and moves can disrupt that emotional and financial stability, often leaving us feeling vulnerable, and perhaps conflicted, about how to make wise decisions in the midst of chaos, confusion and change.

The good news: we can harness this opportunity to make a fresh start and set intentions for how we choose to live our life.  And there's no better place to begin than with our home.

Living in ten homes in my adult life, starting over with two moves from the family home in divorce and over twenty-three years in the real estate business have given me amazing insight and first-hand experience in how important the real estate decisions we make during life transitions are for our future--financially and emotionally. 

Recognizing the unique challenges and often unconsidered options of singles and couples in divorce and remarriage, I created a better way to help you navigate the world of real estate in transition.  I understand what you are going through.  I would be honored to be a part of this exciting new chapter of your life.

Specialty Real Estate Services


Buy Herself Real Estate

Buy Herself Real Estate

Buy Herself Real Estate

Making smart real estate decisions can be hard enough, not to mention if you are single.  There's so much to consider that we often either don't know or overlook.  Gain peace of mind as you make these decisions for yourself, by yourself.


Divorce & Remarriage

Buy Herself Real Estate

Buy Herself Real Estate

What is the right thing to do with the family home in divorce or remarriage?  In the midst of chaos and confusion of dividing families or blending them, this important decision is often a source of conflict between couples, yet can be the most critical part of moving on.  


Reimagined Spaces

Buy Herself Real Estate

Reimagined Spaces

Whether you’re bored with your space, want to increase its value, need to position it to sell or want to put your personal touches on a new project, remodeling or landscape design might be a good fit for you.  But how do you decide, prioritize and budget what needs to be done?

Meet Tara Tatum Chapman

Tara has been serving the real estate needs of families in Charleston since 1997.  Mother, Instructor, Mentor and Volunteer, Tara's passion is in all things related to home and garden. If it were feasible, she would live in a screened house complete with a bed swing, outdoor fireplace, shower and kitchen.

Instead, she recently fulfilled a bucket list dream and completely renovated a mid century brick ranch.  The smallest home she has lived in, it has special meaning to her as it was the first home she has ever owned on her own.  Her home represents setting a goal, strategic planning, patience, perseverance and determination. 

Tara has an eye for opportunity and improvement and enjoys helping her clients with vision to find and create their dream home, regardless of their budget or neighborhood.  Her vast experience in many facets of real estate, and particularly her decade of sales on-site at the award winning neighborhood of I'On, give her a keen eye for good design and improved marketability of a home.

Tara recently graduated from the Divorce Real Estate Institute's exclusive and in-depth master level training led by family law attorneys, judges and divorce real estate experts.  The program is a significant financial investment that requires an intensive year-long training. She is the only Realtor in the Southeast to hold this prestigious designation.  Tara is committed to making a difference for divorcing couples in the Charleston Tri-County area.

Whether boating, biking, kayaking, hiking, beach walking or digging in the dirt, Tara is happiest in the outdoors.  She considers herself a personal growth junkie and enjoys good food and wine, reading and writing, spending time with her mini labradoodle, yoga, meeting new people, helping inspire others to grow. 

With two daughters in college, she is embracing a new chapter of life and helping out at a local plant nursery a few days a week for fun and to add another dimension of expertise to helping her clients in the sale and purchase of their home.


Not Just A Real Estate Agent, But An Expert

REALTOR®, Coldwell Banker Realty

Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert™

Certified Real Estate Divorce Specialist™

Certified Negotiation Expert™

Certified Distressed Property Expert

Realtor of Distinction

Member, Charleston Top Producer Club

Chairman, Code Pros Committee of CTAR

Mediator, SC  & Charleston Trident Association of Realtors

Graduate, CTAR Leadership Development

23 year, 2nd Generation Realtor 

Certified Divorce Coach  & Life Coach 

Living Space Psychology Training

Professional Home Staging Training

Landscape Design

The House Matters in Divorce

What is the right thing to do with the family home in divorce?


What is the Right thing to do with the family home in divorce?

Deciding what do to with the family home can become a huge source of strife, confusion and even financial ruin.  Most are unprepared for the unique legal, financial, and emotional ramifications of either holding on to or selling their home at one of the worst times of their life.

Find out:

  • Whether to sell or not
  • Common Pitfalls that plague the uninformed
  • How to determine what the home is really worth
  • Making housing decisions that are truly in your best interest
  • What to do about the deed and the mortgage if one spouse stays in the home
  • Proceeds of the sale (if any) and what to do if there is no equity
  • The court's perspective and power

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Tara's Blog

Real Estate Market Statistics

"How is the market?" is a common question I hear.  My answer, 

"Well, it depends. Are you curious about buying, selling, investing, or renting and in what area? 

They’re all very different.”

The following offer a snapshot.  For more specific real estate statistics broken down by area, contact me.

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Giving Back


Passionate & Dedicated to Empowering Others

Divorce shook me to my core. 

Everything in life changed, resulting in many years of personal and professional rebuilding. Those years were difficult, but powerful.  Through the lessons, mistakes and growth, I am committed to giving back to others so they can move on and create fulfilling and meaningful lives.  

It's not just what I do, but who I am.

I support and volunteer time to the following organizations with the help of each client I work with:

  • Instructor, Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends
  • SheStrong--empowering women to step into their own power
  • Thrive, SC--providing services and transitional housing for women and their children
  • Charleston Habitat for Humanity: Women Build


Testimonials & Upcoming Events

Client Testimonials

"Finally, I have a home, with a yard in a neighborhood my boys can ride their bikes to visit friends.  Thank you for your patience and guidance in helping me understand what "home" really means to me after divorce and how to make it all happen with closing on two homes in one day."  NG

"Tara--you helped me beyond comprehension to figure out what the best thing for me to do with my housing needs in divorce.  It wasn't what I was expecting, but you had the wisdom to help me see what was best for me.  I hope there are many like me who are as fortunate to find you. "  SL

"Many thanks for helping me sort through the details to sell my property and a second home out of state--two difficult properties to sell, but essential in divorce.  I trusted your guidance and expertise and am relieved to have them sold!"  MC

"Tara is a true professional! She did an outstanding job of guiding us and selling our home.  Tara took initiative to make sure everything that needed to happen did. Due to Tara's genuine caring, honesty, knowledge, expertise and experience, I had complete trust in her. Tara stayed on top of everything and communicated in a timely fashion.  I highly recommend Tara to anyone selling or buying a house in Charleston."  SG

"Tara's negotiation skills were beneficial in helping us getting a full price offer on our place that we had been trying to sell for years with another agent.  She had honest conversations with us about what we needed to do to get it sold." RS

"Tara was a rock star in helping me negotiate all the details of my new home which was under construction.  I am grateful for her expertise to helping me find  place to live with my children after divorce."  PT

"Tara, I have been praying over strong positive insightful and open-hearted women to be brought into my world and you are at the top of my mind.  Thank you for being you, beautiful, strong passionate brave raw open and willing to allow others to learn in your wisdom.  You are a blessing to my world and I look forward to working with you more."  KF

“I really want to thank you for all of your help and support.  I am not sure where I would be right now if I had not met with you that day in August.  It is thanks to you that I was able to have the knowledge to get things to turn out the way they have.  I will always be grateful to you and will definitely continue to recommend you to other women I find in the same situation.”  LS

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Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends

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